AGRI-CONNECT is an EU-funded programme, contributing towards inclusive economic growth, promoting private sector development and job creation in the agricultural sector, and towards increasing food and nutrition security in Tanzania.
smallholder farmers in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and in Zanzibar to be reached.

AGRI-CONNECT Strategic Alignment

Agriculture remains central to Tanzania’s industrialization drive as articulated in the Government’s Five Year Development Plan and the recently adopted Agricultural Sector Development Plan Phase Two- ASDP II and the Zanzibar Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ZASDP). An increase in agricultural productivity will form the basis of the country’s industrialization push and employment creation. AGRI-CONNECT is fully aligned with the Government’s priorities as outlined in ASDP II and the ZASDP.

The programme connects farmers to markets, supports behaviour change for good nutrition practices and promotes women and youth employment and climate smart agriculture.


Result 1

Sector enablers & business environment

Result 2

Value chain development for coffee, tea, & horticulture

Result 2.1

Support to small-scale farmers production, value addition & marketing

Result 2.2

Support to private sector agro-businesses projects for three value chains at national level

Result 3

Rural roads conditions improved

Result 4

Awareness and knowledge of good nutrition practices increased

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100 Million
European Union (EU) Investment
6 %
Projected agricultural growth rate by 2022
Targeted Areas (Southern Highlands of Tanzania and Zanzibar)

AGRI-CONNECT is founded on 6 guiding principles

1. Behaviour change for good nutrition practices

2. Improving production, processing and marketing

3. Promoting women and youth employment and climate smart agriculture

4. Supporting better policies for an enabling environment

5. Connecting farmers to markets

6. More investment by SMEs

Notable Quotes

Inclusion of Women and Youth

They stand to greatly benefit particularly from developments in the horticulture, co­ffee and tea sectors, with the potential to attract industry which will boost employment, reduce imports and generate foreign investments in Tanzania.



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