Supporting Value Chain for Shared Prosperity

The AGRI-CONNECT is a European Union (EU) flagship programme that supports sustainable agriculture, funded through the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) for a total amount of EUR 100 million (approximately TZS 275 billion). The EDF is financed by EU Member States and supports cooperation activities.

The Programme (2020 – 2024) contributes to inclusive economic growth, promotes private sector development and job creation in the agricultural sector toward increasing food and nutrition security in Tanzania. The AGRI-CONNECT programme aims to reach 150,000 smallholders on the Southern Highlands Regions of Tanzania and Zanzibar. This will be achieved through four results areas:

The European Union is a longstanding partner of Tanzania in sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition security. Through budget support, close to TZS 275 billion has been allocated to the AGRI-CONNECT programme to achieve the aforementioned result areas. The programme is directly managed and supervised by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through its respective Ministries:


Strategic Alignment

The AGRI-CONNECT programme is fully aligned with the Government’s priorities as outlined in Agricultural Sector Development Plan Phase (ASDP II) and the Zanzibar Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ZASDP).

Projects funded under the AGRI-CONNECT Programme

The AGRI-CONNECT programme supports a number of projects which contribute to inclusive and sustainable development of the coffee, tea and horticulture value chain for better incomes. All these interventions are geared towards unlocking the potential of these value chains in positively transforming the livelihoods of rural communities.
Potential Beneficiaries Reached
100 million
European Union (EU) Investment

Managed and Supervised